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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Posturing or Progress on Asbestos Reform?

It seemed only a couple of years ago that Senator Hatch was saying what Senator Specter said today. So, I should take the "we're thisclose" to a deal announcement with some skepticism. However, if there are Democrats willing to come along for the ride, he might be onto something.

Of course, if the defense interests are willing to accept a trust fund plan that allows plaintiffs to go back to court and sue if it runs out of money, they're going to end up very, very disappointed...and short $140 billion. And, just how can they force insurers or defendants, who don't want to play ball, to pony up for the fund? I guess we'll find out later this week when the proposed bill comes out.

Senator Specter Says Asbestos Deal 'Very Close'


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