Friable Thoughts

Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Asbestos Disease Awareness Day?

According to this website today is Asbestos Disease Awareness Day. Of course, since today is also April Fool's Day, one wonders if this is a joke or an example of brain dead marketing. But you can get blue wristbands to commemorate the day. I wonder what the wrist bands are made of? Crocidolite? Old gaskets, half-rounds or packing?

Of course, some law firm has awarded Senator Harry Reid "for outstanding contribution to public education and awareness of mesothelioma lung cancer". You know, I don't remember Senator Reid being a big asbestos advocate before becoming the Senate minority leader. I wonder if this "award" comes with a bunch of $2000 checks and a promise to filibuster.

And, why have asbestos awareness now nearly 20 years after widespread use in the US ended? It's not as if more people are going to get ill if something isn't done right now. Could it be a cheeseball attempt to stop the proposed reform bills in the Congress?

Well, at least one of the plaintiffs here at the court reporting service in Oakland is wearing a blue wrist band. I guess we'll see if the plaintiff's lawyers are wearing any today as well. Of course, it's the unimpaireds I see today so perhaps they aren't the best poster children for today.