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Friday, July 01, 2005

Devil in the Details

It looks like the asbestos bill is getting some action again though Justice O'Connor's retirement may take up some of the bandwidth of our senators this summer.

What is surprising is that Senator Specter does not know one of the most important details of the bill he is sponsoring. Seems he does not know how much each of the various parties is to contribute the the trust fund. While I imagine there would be a large number of contributors, isn't there a tenative list somewhere and of all people, shouldn't he have that list?

Why should a bill sponsor have to subpoena information for details of his own bill? Why would anyone sponsor a bill without knowing who pays? And, if he doesn't know this, do any of the senators, who would vote on this bill, know?

Ah, it's enough to bolster one's faith in our elected officials.

US lawmaker backs away from asbestos subpoena threat


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