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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Silicosis Cases Go West

Just when we thought the silicosis cases were gone from the Golden State, those darn Texas lawyers are back. Seems Texas isn't the lawsuit haven it used to be but even California plaintiff's lawyers are concerned that the newly arrived Texans might give them a bad rep. And, you really got to sink real low to get below the reputation of an asbestosis plaintiff's lawyer.

What with the initial doctors trying to avoid grand juries for less-than-reliable diagnosis (who would've thought you actually had to see someone to diagnose an illness?), the Texans may have a harder time than they thought.

Just a thought for our Texans and the California lawyers that may partner up with them: start with the serious (i.e. meritorious) cases first, win a few big verdicts and then you can go for the volume filings. Otherwise, you look like those lawyers that filed unfair competition lawsuits a couple of years ago and no one wants to look like them.


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