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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Asbestos Fund Bars 9 Doctors

And I thought this would be a slow week with the John Roberts confirmation hearings keeping the Senate Judiciary Committee away from the trust fund bill. Now, the Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust has refused to pay claims that go through certain doctors or X-ray screening companies, presumably because they are fraudulent or invalid. According to the trust fund site, claims from the following doctors are blacklisted:

Dr. James Ballard
Dr. Kevin Cooper
Dr. Todd Coulter
Dr. Andrew Harron
Dr. Ray Harron
Dr. Glynn Hilbun
Dr. Barry Levy
Dr. George Martindale
Dr. W. Allen Oaks

Also, so are the following X-ray screening companies:

N&M, Inc.
Healthscreen, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
RTS, Inc. (Mobile, Alabama)

I wonder if this list will get bigger and if the Manville Trust can/will drop the dime on other doctors and perhaps, the plaintiff's lawyers that represent the claimants.


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