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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Red state rumble

Way back in the day when I was in law school, I learned that Texas courts really didn't apply the concept of forum non conveniens and were generally very friendly to plaintiffs. My, have times changed. Could it be that you actually need to be sick to file an asbestos claim in the Lone Star State?

Don't know the specifics of this bill, but I wonder if the plaintiff's bar will maintain a united front on this bill. If I represented only mesothelioma and lung cancer clients, it might benefit them to have the courts cleared of unimpaired cases and perhaps there would be more money to pay my clients if insurance companies didn't have to settle claims with unimpaired plaintiffs. Then again, I'm probably the last guy on the planet that thinks like any plaintiff's lawyer.

For those folks in D.C. working on asbestos reform, perhaps they should let the states try various "solutions" before going all out with a very expensive proposal that raises significant doubts on its effectiveness.

Senator's bill would limit asbestos lawsuits (registration required)


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